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Изготовление ювелирных изделий - очень утонченный и элегантный процесс. Маленькие ажурные детали, огранка камней - все это требует особого мастерства. Необходимо обладать, с одной стороны, тонким вкусом и чувством прекрасного, а с другой стороны, силой и напором, чтобы работать с металлами и камнями.


There are two companies in Belarus named Kristall working in very different fields. Taking this detail into account it became an important task to help the client to establish strong and direct association of the company’s name with jewelry on the visual level using corporate style.


The letter “K” (Kristall) became the key element of the logo. The abundance of shapes, colors and details in every piece of jewelry was highlighted by the intricate design of the logo letter. The golden color creates a direct reference to the main material of this craft (gold), while a delicate gemstone in the middle turns a simple letter into a reminiscent of a delicate brooch or a medallion.


Considerable changes in the corporate style of the largest jewelry manufacturer in Belarus were supported by the advertising campaign. A single brand message was selected and is being communicated since 2014 – every woman feels like a true queen when adorning herself with jewelry. The idea is very pure which helped to translate the message easily without diverting the attention of the target audience from the company and its products.


The advertising campaign development took two stages: photo session with models and shooting of the promotional video. The use of such elements as exquisite interiors, elegant garments and fine jewelry helped to reach a certain effect – Kristall not only gives you a piece of jewelry, it gives luxury, beauty and self-confidence.


The second stage of the campaign was a promotional video. It served the same purpose as the photo session – to translate the idea of luxury, sensuality and beauty. The shooting itself took place in the Lithuanian castle. The professionalism of the crew made it possible to recreate the mood which the brand is communicating: “You are the queen!”

Ты королева from Public Group on Vimeo.

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