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However intense and busy one’s life may get, it’s always nice to get back home. A place where you can take a break from the rush of everyday life, contemplate the sublime, enjoy calm and quietness. It’s even nicer to get back home if in this home every detail is on its place and colors form harmonic compositions. The Style Décor company gives everyone an opportunity to infuse his home with elements of finesse and elegance with the help of plasterwork. Our team was engaged in development of the new trademark which would underline gracefulness of these products.

Plasterwork is classy and expensive decorative element most valued by the amateurs of the French style interior design. Therefore the brand name had to contain a reference to French traditions and high quality of plasterwork. “Blanc” stands for white in French, a color symbolizing purity and luxury. For the name, logo and corporate catalogue to be coherent whole, all these elements of the corporate style were designed in corresponding pastel shades and represent the elegance of plaster products.

The result

The visual design of the new trademark allowed to highlight airiness and elegance of the French style products of the Style Décor company.

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